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Transcript from USCIS Press Conference explaining new Unlawful Presence waiver process!

Copy the link below and paste it into your browser to read a copy of the transcript from the press conference where U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explained the change to the Unlawful Presence waiver process. The intention behind the change is to limit (or eliminate) the amount of time that family members (U.S. Citizen Spouses and Sons or Daughters of U.S. Citizens) are separated from each other while their cases are being adjudicated. Pay careful attention to the fact that CIS did not eliminate the possibility that U.S. Citizen Children can petition for their parent, and that parent still be eligible for the waiver as long as they have the qualifying family member (U.S. Citizen or LPR spouse or Parent) for waiver purposes. Clearly, an attorney with significant experience handling waiver applications should be consulted to analyze all of the facts presented in a particular case. Should you have any questions about your specific facts, call Perez, Perez & Perez today!!